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I think gratitude is the thing I’ll take away from it. Because I had such a unique perspective coming on to the film; I came from the fan world and I feel so grateful that they let me in because so many of us fans are crazy. It was just so cool to come on to it. When I first came on, I remember being so petrified of everything; it was all just so overwhelming, and I couldn’t at first separate the family, the acting part from the big phenomenon. I remember how they welcomed me: I remember the first read-through, they were trying so hard to be nice to me and I couldn’t say anything to them. Over the years, I’ve kind of become part of it and gotten used to it, but last night, I was watching TV and Chamber of Secrets came on and that fan instinct in me goes, ‘Oh, it’s Harry Potter. I have to watch it,’ (laughs) because that’s one I’m not a part of and I remember sitting in the theatre and being so excited about that. I’ll look back on it to see how far I’ve come and it’s so great to look at these films and say I was a small part of that. It’s awesome.

-Evanna Lynch talks about some of the feelings or memories they got out of the celebration and the experience.(x)

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